Phú Mỹ Hưng Amelie Villa

Phu My Hung Amelie Villa opening ceremony

On Sep 13th, 2020, Phu My Hung officially launched the first detached-house project outside city center.

Inspired by the authentic French architecture of Saint Malo & Saint Tropez, AMELIE VILLA is a glamorous masterpiece harmoniously infused by neoclassical architecture and incomparably generous lifestyle of Saigonese. The ceiling height is 4.2m and big windows to make the house overflowed with natural light & wind. The roof structure is designed as Mansard roof – a striking feature of French neoclassical style which not only reduces the overall height but also efficiently hides mechanical equipment for aesthetic pleasing.

In addition, designed as symmetrical layout, all the side spaces of the house such as kitchen, toilet, etc are proportionally arranged on a certain side, the other side is for main parts like living room, bedrooms. This type of layout owns big advantages of maximizing the interior spaces as well as easily displaying furniture. The outdoor space is enhanced by the low green fence, increases the social connections in the same neighborhood – a traditionally merit of Saigonese…

“The house that you are going to buy, is a priceless memory, a place to be with you forever and ever” – Sharing of Mr. Ho Thieu Tri (Planning & Design Architect) at the opening ceremony.

At the event, BIDV bank introduced financial solutions for AMELIE VILLA house-buyers: 20% payment in the 1st phase, the remaining 30% payment will be disbursed on schedule with 0% INTEREST RATE until receiving the house.

Let’s explore “The quintessence of luxe living” – AMELIE VILLA!