Phu My Hung launches new high-end project

Phu My Hung The Aurora on Ho Chi Minh City’s Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue is one of the latest high-end projects of Phu My Hung New City Center, including 95 apartments.

Phu My Hung opened a model house to introduce the project at a launch event on March 8, attracting nearly 400 people.

This is the first time the company has brought a new project to the market since Phu My Hung The Horizon in 2022. The announcement also kicked off its business chain in 2024.

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Bui Duy Toan, Director of Sales and Marketing Division of Phu My Hung Development Corporation, shared details about Phu My Hung The Aurora. Photo by VnExpress/Hoai Phuong

Phu My Hung The Aurora is being constructed on a plot of land spanning more than 2,300 square meters and will stand 12 floors high.

The project will have 95 apartments and 7 stores on the ground floor. This apartment complex was researched and developed to meet the demand for quality living space among a group of successful young customers.

According to the investor, in addition to a modern architectural appearance and rich internal amenities, Phu My Hung The Aurora focuses on creating opportunities and favorable conditions for young home buyers.

This is one of a few projects in Phu My Hung offering planned apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms. Apartments with 1 and 2-bedroom with an area of 42–76 m2 account for 95% of the total, the remaining 3 and 4-bedroom apartments have an area of 97–144 m2 each.

Participating in the launch event, Thanh Ngan, 37, was impressed with the modern design and the array of amenities, such as a swimming pool and a yoga room right inside the building.

Ngan, a resident of the Midtown area, said that the new project has a convenient location as it stands in front of the Finance and Service Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue, surrounded by many green spaces in the Southside (Nam Vien) area.

“I find the project suitable for nature lovers. In addition, for families with young children like me, the project’s distance of only 200–500 meters to a series of schools helps solve transportation problems,” Ngan said.

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Nearly 400 people attended the event and visited the model house of Phu My Hung The Aurora project on March 8, 2024. Photo by VnExpress/Hoai Phuong

After more than 30 years of construction and development, Phu My Hung has shaped the lifestyle of a civilized city, humane community.

This News City Center has attracted more than 65,000 residents to live, work, and study, of whom about 50% are foreigners from more than 26 countries and territories.

In order to continue to increase the quality of urban space according to international standards, Phu My Hung’s plan is to both directly invest and cooperate with other agents in developing amenities such as cultural and art centers, office buildings, commercial 5-star hotels, health care centers,… Many of these projects have been initially implemented.

The Aurora will be announced for sale on March 24 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

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Phu My Hung The Aurora is the only high-end apartment project introduced in the City over the past three years, since Cardinal Court in 2021. Photo courtesy of Phu My Hung

Besides launching the project, the investor also introduced several new features of the application (App) for Phu My Hung real estate buyers.

In the coming time, the investor will continue to promote the business of available “shopping carts” such as Phu My Hung The Horizon, as well as shops on Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue at Scenic Valley 2, Riverside Residence… Real estate is assessed to have many dual advantages.

This series of upgrades aims to create more attraction for real estate and tourism development in District 7, with HCMC government’s plans to turn the Crescent Lake (Ho Ban Nguyet) and Star-light Bridge (Anh Sao) area into a night market.

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Phu My Hung The Aurora is located on Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue, connecting the Southside area and Phu My Hung’s CBD (Central Business District). Photo courtesy of Phu My Hung

With the above factors, Phu My Hung’s real estate projects are considered to not only meet real housing needs but also have growth potential in the future.

According to the announcement, Phu My Hung The Horizon, the project with the most beautiful location in Phu My Hung, right at The Crescent Lake area, has only 20% of its apartments left, and its ratio of shop is 16%.

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“LIMITED EDITION & EXCLUSIVE: Reserved for only 95 owners, please provide your information for direct consultation with the developer.”


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