Overview of Riverside Residence and Scenic Valley 2 before the “New Look”

Riverside Residence and Scenic Valley 2 are prominent landmarks on the billion-dollar Service and Financial Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue. The upcoming landscape renovation will enhance the appeal of these two apartment complexes and contribute to the overall development of Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue which has another name is Broadway.

Scenic Valley 2

Situated in the Sports and Healthcare district of Ho Chi Minh City’s second CBD (Central Business District), Scenic Valley 2 was designed by KYTA (Singapore) and comprises three blocks. The architecture focuses on eco-friendliness, scientific, and convenience principles. The 4th floor features green zones and amenities such as a swimming pool and BBQ area, enhancing residents’ quality of life. Additionally, the commercial podium provides shops that cater to various daily needs, making Scenic Valley 2 distinct from Scenic Valley 1 where lacks such commercial shops.

Following the landscape renovation, the commercial area of Scenic Valley 2 will offer a broader range of services and become a focal point for both Scenic Valley complexes.

The Sports and Healthcare district (MD) is one of three functional districts within the Phu My Hung City Center. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), the American firm behind the Saigon South Master Plan, positioned MD as an interconnected area with The Crescent district (CR) and The International Commercial and Financial district (C), forming a new CBD for Saigon South.

Currently, the MD district has three residential apartments: Scenic Valley 1, Green Valley, and Scenic Valley 2, collectively offering over 2,000 units. Retail shops are in Green Valley and Scenic Valley 2, aiming to enhance the living experience. Scenic Valley 1 and 2 are connected by a walking street that leads to the river, creating an open, airy space for residents.

Riverside Residence – One of the Record-Breaking Apartment Complexes in Phu My Hung

Riverside Residence is prominently located on the bustling Nguyen Luong Bang Broadway, in the Nam Vien (Southside – S) district.

Designed by architects from the Malaysian firm Arkitekooi, Riverside Residence consists of five buildings (A, B, C, D, and E) ranging from 17 to 29 floors. The front of the complex faces the 48-meter-wide financial and services street – Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue, while the back overlooks the river.

At the time of its launch and subsequent handover, Riverside Residence set several records in Phu My Hung:

  • The tallest apartment complex in Phu My Hung: 29 floors
  • The largest riverside residential community in the city with over 720 apartments and shops
  • The first project with a Sky Bridge
  • The first project with a central commercial plaza connecting buildings B, C, and D
  • Surrounded by the most elite and upscale residential communities in the city: Chateau, My Phu, Nam Vien, and near the Midtown complex.

Today, Riverside Residence remains one of the busiest apartment complexes with commercial podiums in Phu My Hung. With the upcoming landscape renovation plan, Riverside Residence will transform, enhancing both its scenic beauty and vibrant commercial atmosphere. This will benefit not only its residents but also the hundreds of nearby neighborhoods and villas.