Phu My Hung Midtown


Inspired from the well-known Midtown areas in the world, PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN inherits the quintessence of modernity perfectly combined with Vietnamese culture, creating a harmonious masterpiece – a polychromatic symphony. This is also the biggest investment project in last 3 years and for the first time Phu My Hung joint venture with three leading real estate developing partners in Japan: Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group và Sumitomo Forestry Group.

The most impressive highlight in PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN is the first and only SAKURA PARK in Vietnam. Designed by Landsculptor Studio – a famous landscape design unit from Thailand and impressed by cherry blossom roads, SAKURA PARK offers residents a peaceful and stunning place with many suitable community spaces for all ages such as children’s playground, quiet park area for people who love reading, picnic area for family gathering, Sakura Plaza or multi-functional sports area for active people….


Project name:

Phu My Hung Midtown


Phu My Hung


M5,6,7,8 parcel, Street 16, Tan Phu Ward, Dist.7, HCM City




The Grande, The Symphony, The Signature, The Peak

Site area:



Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group và Sumitomo Forestry Group


If Phu My Hung Midtown is an architectural masterpiece which only comes once, THE PEAK is such a desirable living space owning THE BEST LOCATION, the pinnacle of the whole complex.

Amidst the modern and international-standard urban area, the presence of nature becomes more perfect and valuable. THE PEAK is beautifully located beside the serene river, facing the bustling International Commercial and Financial District, connecting with the luxury resort-style residences in the greenest area of Phu My Hung – Southside District. It is the fourth and THE LAST component of the complex, finalizing the architectural piece of art of Phu My Hung Midtown.


The modern architectures harmonize sophistically with spaces and curve gently beside the river, bringing the feeling of immersing into nature. The art of “placement” is cleverly done by the talented architects, which makes every single condo own perfect view, natural lighting and ventilation: unique internal landscapes, vivid Sakura Park and iconic constructions of The Signature, etc.


Inspired by the charming nature, the blissful beauty of cherry blossoms with amusing chords of birds singing and serene water flowing, the exquisite idea about the utopia of life – PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN – has been created and reached the highest position: THE PEAK.

Immersing into a living space where the hustle and bustle of urban living are tranquilly eliminated, The Peak brings residents an indulging and refined lifestyle beyond expectations. Enjoying the turquoise water at INFINITY POOL, playing with your children at KID’S ROOM, gifting yourselves relaxing moments at SPA or YOGA ROOM, experiencing utmost conveniences from your home’s doors to the city within walking distance, THE PEAK is the gateway opening up to privileged experiences and emotional memories.