Impressed by the actual space of the Cardinal Court apartment complex and looking forward to the appearance of new constructions

After two years of construction, the Cardinal Court project was officially handed over to customers from Dec. 25 to 27, 2023 by Phu My Hung Corporation. 

Located in the International Financial and Commercial District, Cardinal Court is the second residential project in the CBD (Central Business District) of Phu My Hung city center.

Although the project scale is only 182 units, Cardinal Court has a beautiful design, including both façade and landscape, as well as high-quality material and public areas like corridors, lobbies, etc.

Most buyers are not only satisfied with the apartment’s layout and material but also pleased with the amenities that includes the gym, community room, kid room, etc., at the two-floor clubhouse.

Vũ Đức Thịnh, an owner, expressed satisfaction with Cardinal Court, stating, “Cardinal Court has a layout that ensures privacy for residents, and once completed, it really feels like a resort. It offers a comfortable living space and convenient connections to the surrounding areas.”

Cardinal Court’s standout feature is the amenity area, which is the greenest space with the highest ratios of trees and water. It offers the utmost relaxation feeling for residents when they return home.

Thus, in 2023, Phu My Hung successfully achieved their target of ‘welcoming new members’ to the city.

Cardinal Court is the second project to be completed this year, preceded by The Antonia, located on Nguyen Luong Bang Service and Finance Avenue in the Southside District (Nam Vien), which was handed over in June.

Following Cardinal Court, Phu My Hung The Horizon is scheduled to be handed over in early January 2024.

Phu My Hung The Horizon is the first project in the luxury segment, which is the major development direction of Phu My Hung in the upcoming years.

The project titled The Aurora in the Nguyen Luong Bang Service and Finance Avenue is one of the final high-end projects at Phu My Hung city center. The Aurora will be introduced in early Quarter 1, 2024.