Phu My Hung Tet Holiday Flower Festival in Wood Dragon year – Spring Reunion

Phu My Hung Tet Holiday Flower Festival in the Wood Dragon year 2024 will be held from December 24th to January 4th of the lunar month (from Feb. 3rd to 13th, 2024) at Ho Ban Nguyet (The Crescent) in Phu My Hung City Center, District 7, HCMC. According to the organizer, this year, the theme of Flower Street is “Spring Reunion”.

The meaning of the Spring Reunion theme is toward the original nation and cultural values in the traditional Tet Holiday. It’s also a reunion and gathering wish to send to visitors in the Spring.

With the theme is the Spring Reunion, Flower Street will feature a variety of mini landscapes, such as ‘Dragon Father – Goddess Mother with Hundreds of Encased Eggs’, ‘Dragon Father Taking Son to the Sea’, ‘Goddess Taking Son to the Mountain’, etc. These are designed to evoke the story of Lac Long Quan – Au Co, reminding visitors of the ancestors and compatriots.

Numerous sacred symbols, representing thousands of years of Viet Nam Heritage, will be honored at the Phu My Hung Flower Festival 2024, including the Chim Lac Gate and the Dong Son Drum. The number 2024 will be decorated in a classic-style, featuring simulated dragon scales to represent the mascot of the year, symbolically bridging the traditional and the modern.

The Phu My Hung Flower Festival 2024 of Wood Dragon year also has a stage filled with the color of Spring, various mini-spring landscapes, and familiar villages scenes like Calligraphy Master Street, Flower Boats, Gourd Trellises, Rice Fields, Mustard Flower Fields, and more. Additionally, there is an exhibition about the Phu My Hung Flower Festival history, and the Flower market with about 145 ornamental flower booths will be opened from Dec. 22nd to 30th of the lunar month (from Feb. 01st to 09th, 2024).

This event offers free entry to all visitors.

The Opening Ceremony will be held at 6pm on Dec. 24th of the lunar year 2023 (Feb. 3rd, 2024).

By Nguyen-Trang