Phu My Hung’s new residential project at The Crescent to open for sale on September 24

The Crescent and the International Commercial & Financial Districts in the Phu My Hung City Centre (District 7) are positioned as the core of the second central business district of HCM City.

The Crescent and the International Commercial & Financial Districts in the Phu My Hung City Centre (District 7) are positioned as the core of the second central business district of HCM City.

In the city, the CBD’s core area normally refers to District 1 from Ben Thanh Market through the Independence Palace and Nguyen Hue Street to Bach Dang Wharf.

Not many people know that in Phu My Hung’s planning map, drawn up in the early 1990s, a second city CBD was named.

It is a one million square meter area of land retained by Phu My Hung to develop services and utilities to serve the community.

In that area, The Crescent spread over an area of 200,000sq.m was considered the social heart community.

Inspired by ‘water’ and the original South Sai Gon area, The Crescent is highlighted by beautiful landscapes and unique architecture and has become one of HCM City’s landmarks.

The  Ban Nguyen (Crescent) lake is at the centre and all other constructions overlook it with a view to catching the fresh, cool breezes.

All buildings are closely arranged and flexibly access to the lake, creating a fine multi-functional space that is convenient and connected to the International Commercial & Financial District.

The Crescent’s beautiful architecture and landscape make it an attraction for both local people and tourists who can relax and enjoy a number of activities all day long.

Along the curve of the lake are low- and high-rise buildings arranged perfectly to

bring a splendid view of the landscape to all apartments.

There is a corridor along the main road for outdoor activities.

With its spaciousness and impressive scenery, this area also hosts the spring flower festival every year which attracts millions of visitors.

Amid the modern landscape and high-rise architecture of the area is an island with a grove of trees in the lake.


The trees and island are considered “historic witnesses” to the sustainable development of Phu My Hung City Centre. People call it an “island for preservation.”

The 4,500sq.m island’s original shape remains unchanged, and flora and fauna have been preserved for 30 years.

A of Phu My Hung representative said: “The preserved island is beautiful and it is in an eye-catching location. Many companies want to book it to organise their promotional events and hot-air balloon festivals.

“However, we want to maintain the island as it is so that future generations will clearly understand about South Sai Gon’s past. Further, they will know how the flora such as the coconut and mangrove trees grew here.”

The living and working environment in Phu My Hung in general and The Crescent in particular are especially refreshing.

It is also appreciated for its dynamic and youthful atmosphere.

The area has from the beginning attracted many families who wanted to experience the most comfortable and convenient lifestyle with enjoyable activities.

The Crescent has three serviced apartments, Crescent Residence 1, 2 and 3, for rent, and foreigners account for 95 per cent of their tenants. The investors have announced that more apartments will be finished at The Crescent by the end of 2023. The new project  be called the Phu My Hung The Horizon.


Phu My Hung The Horizon is more than 70 per cent completed now.

Notably, the Phu My Hung The Horizon is the first housing project for sale in The Crescent District.

Located in a prime spot with easy access to amenities, services and utilities along with green-open spaces, the Phu My Hung The Horizon will have only 166 condos to offer its residents a private and high-class living option.

The developer has seen increasing demand from buyers ever since the project was launched. It is expected that the Phu My Hung The Horizon’s first sales event will be held on September 24.


Phu My Hung The Horizon is only the second project to be offered for sale when construction is almost completed.
Since it more than 70 per cent finished, customers can easily see how it will actually look when completed and check out a model house on its 18th floor.
Customers will be advised by the investor’s own staff at Phu My Hung’s real estate transaction office.Website:
In HCM City:
– Address: 801 Nguyen Van Linh Str, Tan Phu Ward, District 7
– Phone number: 028 54118888
– Email:
In Hanoi:
– Address: 8th floor, TNR Building, 54 Nguyen Chi Thanh Str, Dong Da District
– Phone number: 024 39362640
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