Welcome Spring in the new apartment

Welcome Spring in the new apartment

Welcoming Spring in the new apartment always brings special feelings to the owner. We invite you to meet some residents of Phu My Hung who received their apartments last year, to listen to their sharing and plans when spring comes.


“My husband and I are not strange to Phu My Hung because since 2019 we have lived in a rented apartment in Hung Vuong. Honestly, both my husband and I like the living space here, with lots of green trees, airy space, and many utilities. Since then, we decided to “settle” in Phu My Hung. After studying the information, my family chose to buy an Urban Hill apartment because of the internal amenities, as well as the proximity to the place I rented before.

My apartment is 71 square meters, which is comfortable for a small family. The internal facilities such as adult swimming pool, children’s pool, playground, gym, etc. help improve family’s quality of life. In the near future, Co-opmart will also open downstairs, which will certainly bring more convenience in living to families living in Urban Hill like us. I got our apartment in November 2020. This is the first apartment that we could buy so we were very excited. After receiving the apartment, it took only 10 days to complete the basic things and then move in. Then day by day, we took more care of it. For almost a month after receiving the apartment, I did not take a nap, arranging this corner, cleaning that one, without getting bored.

This Tet will definitely be an unforgettable Tet for our family, the first Tet in our new apartment. I will decorate the apartment in a very pretty and cozy way to welcome spring. Definitely there will indispensably be a peach branch, the flavor of Tet in my hometown in the North. I will also cook a tray of rice with the traditional dishes of the homeland to worship the ancestors, then invite friends and relatives to visit my new home, to celebrate Tet with my family.


“I am a longtime resident in Phu My Hung. Previously in Sky Garden, then in Grand View and this year moved to The Signature (Midtown complex). Every place I live in has its own characteristics. If Sky Garden is a happy crowded place with young population, Grand View has a more distinct lifestyle. Midtown is the luxurious area with high quality utilities. Those features are located in the green, civilized, secure and friendly Phu My Hung living space.

Although living in Phu My Hung for many years, every time I move to a new house, I have a new feeling, a new source of energy. My The Signature apartment is 80 square meters, which I am finishing to welcome the new year. My two children are both married and are living in the Phu My Hung. Therefore, this year is again a Tet of family reunion. My family will get together. “Enjoying Tet” just in Phu My Hung will be happy and warm enough. Every year we often go to Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival together to buy flowers for Tet and also to record moments together when spring comes.

My plan during this Tet is that we will decorate our new apartment warmly and happily and organize small parties for my children and grandchildren, and friends with northern dishes prepared by myself like frozen meat, pigskin ball soup, almonds, bamboo shoot soup, etc.”


“This is the first time my family bought an apartment. I have a house in District 11 and still live there. However, in order to prepare the future for my two children, especially to facilitate their study, I bought two apartments for my children, one in Happy Residence Premier and one in Midtown, both in Phu My Hung. I received the apartment in Happy Residence Premier in August 2020, and the apartment in Midtown will be handed over in November 2021.

Perhaps this is the first time experiencing life in an apartment, so I and my family are quite excited. When not yet receiving the apartment, I got the apartment plan to prepare for the interior parts, and when receiving it, I completed it in less than ten days to move in. It seems that my apartment is the earliest to be completed in Happy Residence Premier.

Although it is not our first apartment, my family has a lot of love for it. I like to design the small, beautiful corners of the apartment by myself, especially the kitchen because I like to cook European dishes. The day I went to see the model house in Phu My Hung, I studied the model house’s kitchen to have the same design for construction.

Currently my family is still in two places. During weekdays, we live in District 11 for my husband to go to work. On weekends, the whole family return to the apartment in Happy Residence Premier. My son loves the playground and swimming pool in the apartment. My husband said that coming here at weekend to enjoy life is not different from traveling!

Experiencing life in a quality apartment like Happy Residence Premier is probably one of the greatest joys of my family in the past year. In a few years, as planned, my family will live in Phu My Hung. Springs in the future will definitely be even more fun.”