CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Urban development that associated with other volunteer activities is how Phu My Hung corporation has been doing as our promises to contribute to the community, supporting the creation of humane culture as our slogan “Civilized City – Humane Community”

Therefore, besides constructing and developing a model urban area that satisfies the residents’ demands for a quality living environment with comprehensive urban planning, fresh environment, surrounding amenities, Phu My Hung also often organizes many talents, life skills and volunteer activities in order to enhance the practical benefits for residents, create a helpful playground, entertaining, relaxing, health training. This is also a networking opportunity, neighbourhood bonding and shows our community responsibility. Particularly, many events become big and meaningful festivals such as Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk, Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival, Sports Day Phu My Hung…

Lawrence S.Ting Fund
Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk
Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival
Phu My Hung Sports Day
Phu My Hung festival for children
Phu My Hung Green Farm Festival

Lawrence S.Ting Fund was established as a Vietnamese NPO in 2006. The Fund is operated based on sponsor encouragement and voluntary contribution from organizations, individuals in and outside the country in order to support medical, educational, training fields as well as improve the community’s infrastructure at the vulnerable zones over HCMC.

After 16 years of operation, Lawrence S. Ting Fund has sponsored many activities of education, medicine, society with the total contribution of 341bil VND. This is also an outstanding and meaningful corporate social activity of Phu My Hung

“In the past 16 years, Lawrence S. Ting and Phu My Hung Corporation have contributed to change many difficult lives of many marginalized people and given good impression for helping the community through tough times” – shared Dr. Tran Thanh Long – President of HCMC Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients

Some programs of Lawrence S. Ting Fund:

Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship: Until now, the fund has presented 117,000 scholarships with a total value of 125bil VND

“Moving forward with IT” Program: Phu My Hung Corporation has contributed positively to the IT industry in Vietnam with 122 computer labs presented to 96 schools over the country. The Fund has sponsored 553 Microscopic device sets with audio and visual equipment in the lab for schools in provinces as well as many fixing and constructing other facilities in Ca Mau, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Ha Tinh, Thai Binh. English Presentation contests were also organized for students to learn and train essential skills. These above programs were implemented over the past years with the total number of sponsees, including teachers and students is 724,548 people and total sponsor value is worth over 60.7bil VND

Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk is an annual social event organized by Phu My Hung Corporation cooperated with District 7, District 8, Binh Chanh and Nha Be People’s Committee in 2006 to raise funds for the poor community during Spring.

Charity Walk started in 2003 with the name “Phu My Hung Marathon Race” to celebrate 10 years of establishment of Phu My Hung Corporation and the 2nd Phase Opening of Nguyen Van Linh Parkway. This event attracted more than 4,000 participants. On 08.01.2006, the event was organized with the name “Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk” based on the name of Mr. Lawrence S. Ting – Late Chairman of Central Trading & Development Group (CT&D Group) in order to remember and honour his significant effort in constructing and developing the Southern of HCMC. Until now, Lawrence S. Ting has become a traditional activity of Phu My Hung Corporation with health training purposes as well as fundraising for poor citizens to celebrate Tet.

Through 15 years of organizing, the event has attracted over 212,000 participants and encouraged, collected more than 35bil VND to give a hand for social security as well as support poor people in local areas.

Some pictures at the program:

Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival is an annual event organized by Phu My Hung Corporation cooperated with authorized departments since 2004 in order to create entertaining, travelling and shopping spot during Tet for HCMC and other surrounding areas’ citizens; contribute to emphasize and remain the beauty of traditional Vietnamese Tet culture, introduce to oversea friends, foreigners who are living in Phu My Hung the long-lasting traditional culture of Vietnam during the beginning of a year.

Some pictures at the program:

For many years, Phu My Hung Sports Day has become a healthy and practical sports playground for many residents. Especially, though it is just a local contest for Phu My Hung residents and customers, Phu My Hung Sports Day is always prepared carefully in terms of organizing process with trophy systems, rewards and appealing gifts.

Importantly, during the rapid high-technology development period that manipulates the family and community conversational activities at the present, “Phu My Hung Sports Day” also has the purpose to connect family members through interactive, teamworking activities.

Some pictures at the program:

Children are very special residents. They are the future owner of the urban area. Therefore, they are always received special notice during the social activities of Phu My Hung. Besides sports day with many kid-friendly activities like golf, swimming… since 2010, Phu My Hung has also organized a particular playground for children. That is Phu My Hung festival toward children.

Confidence is a key to help children bravely discover and overcome the new things in life; hence, they will find personal talents and help to develop mentally and physically. Therefore, besides the purposes of building a healthy leisure environment for children, Phu My Hung also wants to accompany the parents to create a convenient condition and environment for children to confidently study and learn different skills through games and helpful activities at the festival.

All the games that were allocated by Phu My Hung have the spirit “play and learn” to help the kids develop creativity and interaction amongst people. It requires the kids to think and exercise flexibly. Thus, this will help the young ones improve discovery ability, life-skills gain, communication improvement as well as stimulate intellectual development, health boost, flexibility and functioning. This is the parents’ desire to have their kids participate in the playground.

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Phu My Hung Green Farm Festival is organized by Phu My Hung Corporation in order to enhance the value, living quality of the residents. Through introducing organic and quality products; safe and hygienic farming model, the festival also creates many fun and helpful community activities that encourage “Live green – Live healthy” campaign for Phu My Hung and other surrounding areas’ residents.

The festival attracts participation from many prestigious and diverse brands from vegetables, fruits to dairy, rice, indoor plants, juices, cosmetics… like: Vinamilk, Cau Dat Farm, Fresh From Farm, Dalatecofarm, Gao Hat Ngoc Troi, Gao Viet, Biogarten, The Fruit Republic, Smoothie Factory, Scentuals, Soultree, Coonapi… Meanwhile, the participants at the festival can discover how to cultivate, take care of organic vegetables at home through professional consultation agencies.

The most important feature of the festival is a kid playground. The games are allocated with the sociable, relaxing and family-gathering atmosphere like: draw vegetables, sand painting, planting instruction, baking, fishing, handmade craft, egg picking, seeds categorizing….

After discovering the organic farm and experiencing all the interesting activities of the festival, families can also join in the talk show hosted by experienced experts with many helpful and practical information like: Yoga and right nutrition, the secret to select fresh and delicious ingredients… as well as enjoy an acoustic country music concert

Some pictures at the program: