Spring corner decoration

Spring corner decoration

Spring is coming, when the apricot blossom blooms yellow like the color of sunshine in the last days of the year, people’s hearts also begin to bustle. As the lyrics of the song “I came to visit you on New Year’s Eve” a passionate metaphor by the question: “Is Tet coming or is Tet in my heart?” shows that the gracefulness of spring is the warm spring that comes from people’s heart. Therefore, spring not only exists by itself, it also blooms by itself and we must prepare to receive and create spring.

With that idea in mind, Phu My Hung Journal Spring of the Ox has asked the residents of Phu My Hung, who both love spring and have creative professions, to help create passionate spring corners when spring is here and there, just a little bit far away.

The family of Rossi Vasath and La Ha Giang Thanh, owners of the Kamalas vegetarian restaurant, a longtime resident of Phu My Hung, use their spice garden to create a spring corner that has both spring beauty and the taste of spice plants like to help flavor the scent of spring to heaven and earth.

The young people, designers of Jiang In Furniture with a showroom in Crescent Mall, have two ideas: one is a scene of a young family cleaning up for Tet and a pensive corner in the study room, where a spring girl is reading a book waiting for New Year’s Eve …

When together with the creative people to set up these Tet corners, we think that Tet has come back and from deep in our hearts we see the bustle Tet, even though now it is only winter, and in one month to come spring will warmly come to everybody.

Decorating he spring garden with a background of gracious trees, bold with ethnicity – bamboo trees – with red rolls of paper. In the foreground, it should always be yellow apricots surrounded by close trees.

A smooth armchair, a small table made of a raw tree root … The view is noble enough to enjoy a spring in peacefulness.
Ideas of vegetarian restaurant Kamalas

Spring corner with the girl thoughtful next to the book page waiting for the New Year’s Eve.

And a young family prepare the house, clean, sweep for a clean space when spring comes.

Two ideas by the designer of Jiang In Furniture.